After 3 years of hard work on the ground, connecting entrepreneurs and building a leading startup community in Morocco through StartupYourLife, we came up with a simple yet striking conclusion:

too many startups fail at pre-seed and seed stage because of a lack of appropriate resources.

Let me tell you what I mean by that. We have seen a lot of entrepreneurs starting new exciting ventures but the large majority of them never cross the death valley - at least not often enough to generate a strong pool of scalable startups that can attract investors and turn into high growth companies.

Don't get me wrong, Morocco definitely has some hot startups to watch and not to miss for investors. Also there is definitely something happening in the region and on the African continent as a whole - and the world is starting to pay attention.

However, these opportunities still need to be turned into more hot scalable startups. And this is exactly what we want to do.

At StartupYourLife, we believe there is talent and tremendous opportunities in Africa but not the right attitude, the appropriate advice and enough money at early stage to grow scalable startups from emerging ecosystems. We want to change that and enable more brilliant entrepreneurs to build successful African startups.

We are launching OUTLIERZ, the first Moroccan based seed investment firm dedicated to invest smart capital in talented entrepreneurs to generate a strong pull of "investable" and scalable startups in Africa. Thus creating a curated deal flow for seed and early-stage investors interested in the region and continent and ultimately the success stories Africa needs.

We are starting in Morocco and will expand in some key ecosystems in the region and across the continent. We are backed by some of the world-most respected seed and angel investors from YCombinator, 500startups, as well as some of the most brilliant successful entrepreneurs from the African diaspora who believe in our mission. Learn more.

We are a team of experienced investors and tech entrepreneurs. We are pioneers.

Our attitude is entrepreneurship. We see opportunities where others see risks.

This is not an accelerator or an incubator. This is not a classic seed fund neither.

We are building a different kind of model that we think can fit emerging ecosystems.

Who we back?

Pre-seed stage startups with an MVP or a prototype who can demonstrate they can execute.

Seed stage startups who are expanding and raising their next round of funding, whether it's a seed or Series A round.

Our goal is to get you to the next round of funding beyond your local ecosystem boundaries.

How it works?

We invest time and money at pre-seed and seed stage between $20k-$100k.

Our deals are generally by a Qualification phase where we work closely with the entrepreneur to get to know him better and see if he can execute.

We accept application on a rolling basis from startups based anywhere in Africa, as well as from startups dedicated to Africa based anywhere in the world.

Let's get started!!!

Kenza Lahlou.

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