• We provide smart capital to grow investable startups in Africa



    Outlierz is a Moroccan based seed investment firm by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs,

    dedicated to provide smart capital to startups in Africa.


    We see tremendous opportunities at the intersection of Technology, Entrepreneurship and African economies.

    We believe there is talent but not enough money and appropriate resources

    to grow scalable startups from emerging ecosystems.


    We want to change that and enable brilliant entrepreneurs to grow successful business from Africa to the World. Thus, creating a curated deal-flow for early-stage investors and ultimately the success stories our continent needs.


    We are backed by some of the world most brilliant successful entrepreneurs and angel investors.

    We are pioneers. Our attitude is entrepreneurship.

    We see opportunities where others see risks.




  • What we do

    We invest time and money in pre-seed and seed stage startups

    founded by extraordinary entrepreneurs.


    We invest $50-200K in pre-seed and seed stage startups with a product on the market, a solid team and some traction.


    We also invest along-side other investors in Series A rounds of $2-3M in growing companies with good traction and revenue.


    We provide hands-on advice, resources and access to our global network of world-class mentors and investors.

    Our goal is to take you to the next round of funding.

  • How it works

    Our process is pretty simple yet sharp. We don't like to waste our time neither yours.

    1- Screening

    Choose between an application form or a video

    We are meeting entrepreneurs on a rolling basis.

    If we like your application, we will go grab a coffee to know more about you and your business.

    2- Qualification phase

    We invest time before talking money

    If we like you and are excited about what you are doing, we work closely with you for few months to help you grow and see how you execute. This will tell us more than any due diligence process at this stage. If the test goes well after few months we take you to the Investment Committee.

    3- Investment phase

    If we love you we will invest

    We host investment committees frequently. Once you are ready, our committee will decide quickly and make an offer within few weeks.

  • Who we back

    We invest in Africa based startups and in African entrepreneurs based anywhere in the world.


    We back AWESOME founders first. Ideas can change.

    We look for ambitious and passionate hustlers who can execute and learn fast.


    We take startups that already have a product on the market. We love to see some traction, revenue and metrics that show we can help you grow.


    We look for innovative models with low capital intensity in any industry using technology to build a scalable model.

    We love Tech but we are not exclusive.


    We invest in startups that think global or regional from day ONE and can scale fast.

  • Advisors & Team

    We are backed by some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs

    and experienced angel investors.



    Global Advisor / San Francisco, USA

    Venture Partner MENA

    500 startups

    Global Advisor / Bahrain

    Co-founder & CEO


    Global Advisor / NYC, USA

    Founder & Chairman

    Medtech Group

    Local Advisor / Morocco

    Partner & Country Director

    Afric Invest

    Local Advisor / Morocco

    Managing Partner Omniup

    Partner Capital Maroc

    Local Advisor / Morocco

    Managing Director

    Team / Morocco

    Chief Operation Officer

    Team / Morocco

    Entrepreneur in Residence

    Team / Morocco


    If you are on to something, we definitely want to hear from you!

    There is no deadline, applications are open all year round.


    We will start reviewing the next batch of applications by June 1st.

  • FAQ

    Here are the answers to some questions you may ask

    How can I apply?

    Click the APPLY button on this website or follow this link.

    What are your criteria?

    We like to invest in startups that have a product in the market with some traction and revenue. We want to see execution and growth. We seek startups that are low capital intensity and have a scalable business model with a high potential of growth. We consider applications from founders based in Africa or startups based anywhere in the world focusing on the African market.

    Is there a deadline to apply?

    No there isn't. You can apply all year round. However, we review applications and conduct interview processes in batches of every 2-3 months. Upcoming dates are displayed in the APPLY section of this website.

    How will Outlierz provide value to my startup?

    We invest more than just money. We believe that getting the right advice, mindset, connections and access to market at the seed stage is most of the time more valuable than only pure money. Once you are in, we dedicate ourselves and our resources to help you grow.

    Of course, we know you will need capital to keep growing and this is where we come in.

    How long does it take to get investment?

    Our interview process is pretty straight forward - we try to keep it to less than a month. Once you have successfully passed the interview process, we start the Qualification phase where we deploy our resources and work closely with you to help you grow your startup before we make an investment decision. This phase can take few months to several months depending on your execution capacity and speed.

    Will you sign an NDA?

    No we don't. We think it's a waste of time at this stage (here is why) and we believe in building trust from day one.

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